The Telocvičňa hosts year-round residences of dozens of dance and performers, as well as their regular training, research projects and educational activities.
More and more often, we organise public sharing sessions from the process of creation, workshops, discussions, or performances.

Since 2021, thanks to the support of Slovak Arts Council, PlaST has also organised international and co-production residencies for artists as part of the Residance project.
The purpose of the project is to allow for more intense dialogue of local artists and international scene, to cultivate relationships and communication among members of the community or related cultural fields, and to strive for its positive expansion to the outside as well. 

Residance 2021 - framework theme “Resilience”
The “Residance” program offers 3 group dance residences for individuals or groups, for Slovak and foreign artists.
The “Connector” program is open to 1-2 authors from art, film, music or literary backgrounds, or cultural workers, producers who want to explore dance up close and use its potential.

Participation in residencies also includes a presentation of samples of work in progress for the public (open format: work in progress performance, artist talk, workshop, installation, sharing session,…) and the possibility of coaching or accommodation in the Nova Cvernovka.

More info in current open calls.


This regional project with the support of the International Visegrad Fund - Visegrad Fund, wants to encourage patterns in artistic practice in the context of new current serious environmental changes. It is committed to connecting dance and performers with local ecology experts, and encourages them to perceive Central European identity together in relation to the natural world.
The project includes the implementation of research residencies for 4 Central European artists or groups, the participation of artists in the Opening Lab at the Bazaar Festival Prague (30. - 31.08.2021), which aims to create an interdisciplinary platform between artists and scientists and the final conference Nature of Us (19 On 21.05.2022) on the island of Sobieszewo near Gdańsk, which will serve Central European scientists and artists and allow for a direct dialogue between the sectors as well as the possibility of consultations directly on the arts in preparation of project.

The Nature of Us is a joint residency project of four Central European organizations:
Bazaar Festival (CZ)
PlaST (SK)
Polka Dot (PL)
Műhely Alapítvány / Workshop Foundation (HU)

In Telocvična was realised research of Hungarian dancer Zsuzsanna Rózsavölgyi.



Creative residencies and mobilities of dance artists from the Visegrad Four countries will also take place in the Telocvičňa from 2023 as part of the international residency programme supported by the International Visegrad Fund.