predstavenie - 1. repríza

A premiere of a new project by mimoOs. 

T͓̽E͓̽T͓̽S͓̽U͓̽ (The Energy That Shapes Us)
TETSU is a dance quintet, which was created in close connection to the musical composition.

The basis of the musical structure and the whole piece is inspired by the Chinese system wu-xing (in Japan known as gogyō). This system holistically describes five phases, processes, elements, movements… present in the composition of the universe, nature or in the lives of human beings.

We could perceive TETSU as if we would look into a fire, around which we sit, dance, live. We notice how it weakens and strengthens, at times we need to revert our eyes from its fiery heat, at other times we wanna blow into it to make it burn stronger. We could look into its flickering flames and connect through them with our cultural archetypes or personal memories. And after a while we might notice how - while watching this fire - we are moving together, gently, in a unified rhythm… In a rhythm similar to that of our own heartbeats. What all can vibrate and resonate in the bodies of all who are present through this group experience? An experience determined by the energy of the dancers in dialogue with the never ending flow of music and movement?

TETSU is a celebration of life and its energy. It is the energy that shapes us. TETSU is the iron forged by five dancing bodies in the atmosphere of transforming dynamic, tonal and rhythmic cycles of the music.

Project management and production: Barbora Janáková.

Concept and choreography: Peter Šavel.

Movement material and dance: Barbora Janáková, Eva Priečková, Silvia Sviteková, Andrej Štepita, Jaro Viňarský, alternation: Miroslava Stašková.

Music: Marián Zavarský.

Lighting design and technology: Juraj Čech.

Costumes and scenic visuals: Laura Štorcelová.

Production: Andrea Tušimová.

PR: Katarína Šipocz Svobodová.

Internship: Irene Márquez.

Costume production: B.C.M. Fashion style.

Bulletine: Katarína K. Cvečková.

Video record: Noro Knap.

Graphics: Ivana Kleinová.

Logo: Timur Aloev.

Photography: Nina Pacherová.

Production: mimoOs
Co-production: Studio Alta, Nova Cvernovka
Partners: Slovak Arts Council, Bratislava Region, Erasmus +, Telocvičňa - Residential Center for Dance and Performing Arts (coordinates: Platform for Contemporary Dance), NuDanceFest, TELOHRA, BRaK, VÚB Foundation, Bratislava City Foundation
Residence: International Visegrad Fund Studio Alta, A-I-R 2022 REZI.DANCE v lese Komařice
The creation of the performance was supported by the Slovak Arts Council using public resources.

Date: 13.05.2022

Time: 19:00

Place: Nová Cvernovka, Telocvičňa

City: Bratislava

Entrance_fee: 5 € / 8 €