mimoOs / PLAST

TELOHRA for adults
open workshops of contemporary dance for the public
MONDAYS 18:00-19:30 
18.3. Silvia Sviteková
25.3. Eva Urbanová
15.4. Michaela Mirtová
22.4. Tibor Trulik
6.5. Indira Chamalé
13.5. Jason Yap
27.5. Diego Álvarez Sanóu
3.6. Cyndy Ng
10.6. Yuri Korec
Our intention is to offer a variety of different approaches to contemporary dance. Although the invited dance artists graduated with similar looking dance training, they are unique in their work and performativity on stage.
Therefore, this time, subtheme of TELOHRA is "habitus in contemporary dance"
Supporting the diversity in aspirations, motivations, understandings, tastes and creativity of dancers currently working in the contemporary dance scene in Slovakia. Due to their differences, they are so outstanding in their profession.

Project organise: @mimoOs - Barbora Janáková
Partners of a project: PLAST - Platforma pre súčasný tanec, TELOCVIČŇA - Rezidenčné centrum pre tanec, Divadlo Štúdio Tanca
PR: Soňa Kúdeľová
Production: Katarína Milučká, Miroslava Stašková, Andrea Tušimová
Activity of mimoOs are supported from public sources by the Fund for the Support of the Arts.
We would like to thank Divadlo Štúdio Tanca for their cooperation, which we perceive as an act of support and trust in the relationship between the established theater and the independent dance scene.

Date: 10.06.2024

Time: 18:00 - 19:30

Place: TELOCVIČŇA - Rezidenčné centrum pre tanec

City: Bratislava