E. Priečková
študovňa prax - kolektívne pohybové vzdelávanie

4 November to 9 December 2022 (6 Fridays) from 18:00 - 20.00

For all those interested in exploring dance and movement in and around us, no previous experience is necessary, some curiosity to explore a bit of the "unknown" will do

45 euros (for 6 Fridays, 2 hours each time)
** Info about online registration and payment soon!
If you happen not to be able to attend on any Friday, the price will be added to your credit to be used for any further education at Telocvičňa

Študovňa prax - Soft Core is a movement-based collective education that emancipates embodied sensory experience as equal knowledge of body and mind. It does not shy away from critical thinking or play and experiment. It is reflection, contemplation and immersion in the exploration of movement, as well as shedding coats and unshackling oneself from the shackles of the everyday.
It is a safe space that embraces differences, problems, conflicts and discord.
It's a safe space that tries not to offer one template, a silent discipline.
It's a safe space where things can fail, but then re-create themselves in dialogue with each other.
It is a space where we actively work with consent, trust and a constant search for mutual care.
Because listening remains essential.
Študovňa is initiated and facilitated by Eva Priečková in collaboration with the Telocvičňa space. Since 2015, Eva has been hosting movement education for people of different movement backgrounds and skills.Participants come from different professions and backgrounds. Eva tries to offer a kind of horizontal line. With our differences, what can be the common ground? And is dance a medium through which we can connect? 

We will preferably work with movement tasks based on the method of movement improvisation, somatic "trips", contact work in pairs, triads, groups. Soft Core is a kind of metaphor of resistance against a strong and stable centre. How can softness and gentleness or weakness be our creative force?
My intention is to provide you with open source information and creative tasks that have overlap into other fields.
I will share with you references that I have verified myself over time, sifted through, and are ready to confront them with your unique experience.
The closed group will serve us to create an intense experience of togetherness.
Thank you to the Janáček Academy of Performing Arts, which has inspired me in so many ways in my exploration of dance education in a broader socio-political context, and to the Yoga House space, without which I would not have met so many of the amazing participants who are now active members of the dance community 


Visual: Slavomíra Ondrušová


Workshop was supported by public funding in the form of a scholarship by Slovak Arts Council.

Date: 11.11.2022

Time: 18:00 - 20:00

Place: Telocvičňa - Rezidenčné Centrum pre tanec, Nová Cvernovka

City: Bratislava

Entrance_fee: 45 €