We invite you to dance weekend workshops. The series of workshops called Body - Voice - Community is an initiative of the collective mimoOs (namely the curator of the series Eva Priečková, the organizer of the project Barbora Janáková) to offer a complex, contextualized and often experimental approach to movement sharing in the dance studio or outside of it.
We try to reach out to movement artists, theorists with whom we have personal experience. This experience has enriched us so much that we feel it is important to share their approach to dance with a wider audience.
Through this initiative we are trying to bring to awareness aspects of movement sharing such as inclusivity, fluid boundaries of what dance art is, and can be, and safety, which we consider to be pillars of mutual growth, trust and "enhancement" of the dance community in Slovakia, far beyond unnecessary divisions into levels and tiers.

Maria F. Scaroni 5.-7. May 23 / Telocvičňa - Dance Residecies Centre, Nová Cvernovka, Račianska 78
18:00 - 20:00
10:00 - 13:00 
14:30 - 17:00
Fee, in the form of a "Sliding scale" - Pay as much as you can:
- 1 weekend: €30-€40
-Attend just one day from workshop 15€-20€


Maria F. Scaroni (IT/DE) is a dance artist, living in Berlin since 2004. She creates and interprets choreographic works rooted in improvisational practices and altered states of consciousness. Maria hosts workshops re-purposing post-modern dance legacies towards technologies for mutual empowerment, crossbreeding somatic practices and anti-oppression frameworks, storytelling and theory, to bring somatic literacy in support of a culture of connection. Maria performs in Meg Stuart’s works, with whom she collaborates since 2009. Since 2016 she is a member of queer collective lecken berlin, a femme forward rave. Since the pandemic she is hosting Social Pleasure Center, a community space for somatic post-activism, queer feminist joyful militancy, radical redistribution of resources and temporary social choreography.

About Workshop:
body/material is a dramaturgy of dances, where dance is intended primarily as a movement of attention and a technology of ecstasy, done both "alone together" and 'together together'. The work invites the participants to look and treat the body as material, addressing its organic functions and spiritual potential as well as its cultural implications, holding bodies as biographies affected in different ways by power-over systems.
body/material invites the participants to tune into the subtle body, through breathing and slow activations, drawn from functional anatomy and Qi circulation techniques. The approach to anatomy is not essentialist, rather acknowledges more science fiction than scientific facts, departing yet splitting from a bio-mechanical model, landing deeply in the felt sense. Every day the focus is brought to a system (eg. connective tissue, bones, technology of breath, heart center, gravity dynamics) to allow for this to grow into explorations or dances.
The class dynamic evolves from somatic tuning and awareness into a playground for a polymorphous and joyful dance experience. Often touch is involved, especially in dialogue with the hands-on work and puzzles by Sara Shelton Mann.
Part of the curriculum offered is a brief embodied framework on consent, as we gather as temporary collaborators in a 'brave' space, where through dancing as a form of non normative or ordinary behavior, we take risks as we open and re-shape our body/mind.
If the group is large, affinity groups are established to work/reflect/report to.
As for access needs, please get in touch with the organizers, who will inform me or put me in touch with you.

PR projektu: Soňa Kúdeľová
Grafický vizuál projektu: Ivana Kleinová
Projekt z verejných zdrojov podporil Fond na podporu umenia.
Partnerom projektu je Bratislavský kraj, Nadácia Cvernovka a Telocvičňa - Rezidenčné centrum pre Tanec/ PLAST, Telohra, Staromestské centrum kultúry a vzdelávania Školská 14, Mestská časť Bratislava-Staré mesto.

Date: 05.05.2023 - 07.05.2023

Time: 18:00 - 17:00

Place: Telocvičňa - Rezidenčné Centrum pre tanec, Nová Cvernovka

City: Bratislava